I’m doing this by phone so i don’t know where It’s going to be posted at. All i know is i have to get this off my chest. My mentor and my strength was not whom i believed him to be. Does this mean that It’s all bullsiHt? The one person i trusted more then anyone else. The one person i believed really cared. Lies all lies. I was stupid and he told me how naive or green i was. He should know. He took advantage of it. Used me. I can’t even explain how i feel. I just want to be alone. All alone. I will never trust anyone else again. It’s a dog eat dog world right?


The Beginning of the Chamorean Era

This site was originally designed to be my “self therapy”. I am happy to honestly say that it has done wonders to help me on my journey to become a better me. I was someone who had turned very negative who is completely opposite from whom I truly am. After noticing and realizing what I was becoming and became I took the step to do something about it. For I chose not to allow that to happen. That isn’t me and I would never be happy that way. And in order for me to be happy, I had to be positive.

As I had stated earlier, I am happy to say that it has worked wonders for me. I’m believing that the process takes as fast as how much the individual wants it. I am opening this site for others who is seeking help for themselves as I was for me. I believe to be able to have people around you who know what you’re thinking and feeling would benefit you more in your process of healing or growing instead of someone who gets paid the big bucks but doesn’t understand anything other then what was taught to them through school or studies. It’s better for the soul.  You do not need to leave your name. Make up one so no one would know who you are. The main thing is you make your first step in doing what you need to do in helping yourself into being more positive. God bless.

I wanted to say thank you to someone who is my sister and a part of my soul. My comfort, bestfriend, and my lifetime partner. No homo.  You know who you are, MY LINNA! You are the influence and the one I had on my mind when I started working on this. And last but not least, I wanted to say thank you to a certain individual who, if you ever read this, knows who you are. You were my mentor, my teacher, my guide, and my strength. Without you, I would have never been doing what I do now. You have shown and made me realize that I have great potential and was never meant to be an average person or a follower (not that I was ever a follower, just a loner) but I a born leader (in several different ways). I have still yet to see the full extent of my potential.